Hello everyone!
I want to congratulate all of you who participated in GLE recitation competition on Dec.4th. GLE program is undoubtedly growing fast and strong. This year’s event showed well proof of that.
The level of participants and all around management were impressive. Including joyful cheerleading each school prepared entertained before the competition and MC Kota Yamaguchi-san 山口さん ran the even with fine English skill and intelligence.

Despite of the difficulty of this year’s poem for recitation which was beauoriginally presented at the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, was beautifully performed by 3 students who deserve compliments.

Iwashita -san 岩下さん from Nanzan high school 長崎南山学園 presented the poem with natural and friendly tone.

Kuwahara-san 桑原さん from Kamikurakakuen 神村学園 impressed audience with silky smooth flow and clear pronunciation.

And the winner Miu Ikeda-san 池田さん from Kurashiki 倉敷高校 championed this difficult poem with powerful dramatic conviction which gave me goosebumps!

From this event I could see the future.

The Future of Golbal Leaders branching out of GLE program!
Again my sincere congratulations to all of you and special thanks to Vera Hayashi-san 林ベラ and Ishiwata-san 石渡誠先生 who made this event possible!!!

Kyu Won Han


 (GLE2020.2021年 特別ゲスト・アーティスト代表審査員)

素晴らしい司会をしてくれた山口 洸太君(長崎南山高校)
最優秀賞 倉敷高校代表 池田美羽さん
優秀賞 神村学園代表 桑原輝羽さん
優秀賞 長崎南山高校 岩下 侑君


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